Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial properties cannot operate properly if their roofing system is compromised, and every minute that your company cannot operate properly is money lost. When your commercial property is in need of new roofing, roof repairs, or roof maintenance, Lloyd Roofing Services has you covered. As the experts in commercial roofing in San Antonio TX, business owners and commercial property owners turn to Lloyd Roofing Services for prompt and professional service of their roofing assets.

Here are the different types of commercial roofing that the professional roofers at Lloyd Roofing Services are certified to install, repair and maintain:

  • Roof Coatings - Whether you're upgrading an existing foam roof or coating a new metal roof, Gaco-Western has a roof system to meet your needs. Gaco spray foam and coatings provide seamless insulation and waterproofing, and are fully adhered to the substrate. This eliminates common sources of leaks and pooling water beneath roofing material.
  • Modified Bitumen- Modified bitumen is essentially a "factory assembled" built-up roof, with the addition of a plastic or rubber based binder. Several coats or laminations of modified bitumen are either covered with a granule-surface cap sheet, or left smooth for aluminum or white coating to be applied. Modified bitumen roofing exhibits many characteristics of built-up roofing, yet affords the ease of application of a single-ply system. These membranes are resistant to heavy traffic, punctures, and tears.
  • Single-Ply EPDM and TPO- Single-ply roofs are sometimes called "rubber roofing." They are the most advanced roofing systems available. EPDM is synthetic elastomer that offers long-term durability, including excellent resistance to temperature extremes, sunlight, ozone and moisture, and ease, speed, and cleanliness of installation. TPO is a thermoplastic reinforced membrane with tough solvent-or-hot-air welded seams. This material has excellent durability and dimensional stability. Both EPDM and TPO are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and highly resistant. We are proud to include all of these new and technically advanced roofing systems.
  • Metal - Already among the most durable roofing materials, new alloys and coatings make metal roofing panels last even longer, with extended lifecycles that can exceed 50 years. Metal roofs are extremely weather-resistant, stand up to winds of 120 mph and resist fading, chipping or flaking.
  • Shingle - Fiberglass-based asphalt shingles are by far the most common roofing material used for steep sloped roofing applications. They are easy to install, relatively affordable, last 20 to 50 years and are recyclable in some areas. Asphalt shingles come in a large number of styles and colors.
  • No matter what type of commercial property you own, Lloyd Roofing Services has the solutions to your roofing needs. From retail stores, to condominiums, to churches, our commercial roofing teams will ensure that your project is finished smoothly, quickly, and on-budget.