Roof Replacement Services

Is It Time For a New Roof?

The first key to saving your roof is by inspecting your roof regularly. Early detection is vital for either replacement or repair. The more damage incurred by a faulty roof will likely increase the damage, cost, and stress associated with remedying the roof. You should begin your inspection on the inside of the home and move to the outside. Roofing expert Curtis Lloyd claims that the signs of problems will vary depending on the material used during construction. Wood roofs in need of repair or replacement will either split if the damage is caused by dry weather or show mold, mildew, or moss if caused by moisture. A concrete ceiling should not show any signs of disrepair (so any cracking or issues should be corrected immediately). If you see anything suspicious with your roof, have us come out and assess the problem.

New Roof vs. Roofing Repairs

In determining whether you should re-roof or repair, you want to consider all of the factors that should influence the decision: cost, efficiency and your needs. First, you do not want to assume that the cheapest solution to fixing your roof is going to be repair. Sometimes, roof replacement cost can be more economical in the long run. You are already paying a crew to set-up and work on your house so you might want to consider having them complete the entire roof.

Roof Replacement Cost

At first glance, roof replacement costs can seem complicated. In actuality, they are fairly simple to calculate and any professional estimate should be easy to understand. The first cost associated with a new roof is the removal of the old roof. This cost will depend on the type of roof that is being removed and the size of the home. The next cost for a new roof is in the materials, which will vary by the amount and type of materials selected. The final roof replacement cost is installation. We will talk you through all of the available options and offer you multiple (easy to understand) choices.